Just proofed Secret Visions

The paperback proof arrived today and looks great! The book should be available on Amazon in 3-5 business days. Hooray! My baby’s come to life. This is the end of a five-year journey.

I first had the idea of writing about three psychic teenagers five years ago. After I had written 50 pages, I got stuck and decided to take a field trip to the Spiritualist town of Cassadaga, Florida. I figured if I was writing about psychic kids, I should at least have a reading from a psychic.

The visit was remarkable and is the focus of one of the chapters in the Secret Visions book. To make a long story short, the medium told me the book would be important and a great success. I didn’t write another word for four years.

I picked it up again and started over when the ISIS beheadings made the news in the summer of 2014. I kept three teenagers but made them religiously diverse (Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim). The theme of the story is the struggle of the three teens to try and make the world a more peaceful place. The backlash against all Muslims was a terrible thing to see, so I created a Muslim boy who is a shining example of a hero who will protect those he loves for as long as he has breath in his body.

Once I started writing again, the words flowed  out of me and I finished the first draft in five months. I hope you enjoy it.




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