Secret Visions 5-Star Review

The first review is in for #Secret Visions, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Somebody gets me, and that’s a great feeling for a new novelist.

Review Rating:
5 stars!
Reviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

In a unique and intriguing entry into the genre of young adult paranormal fiction, Secret Visions, Volume One of the Annie McDoogan series by debut author Pat O’Connor is a book that will hook young readers from the very first page and will keep them reading until the very end! Follow the story of three teens from South Florida with diverse religious backgrounds (Buddhist, Catholic and Muslim) as they grow in friendship as well as in the desire to spread peace through their amazing gift of telepathy. Readers will be intrigued with both the characters’ unique backgrounds as well as the idea that telepathy could be used as a channel for peace. This is a highly action packed novel as our three heroes encounter many threats from those who fear them, and you will simply need to read to the very end to find out what happens!

I very much enjoyed Secret Visions. Author Pat O’Connor has done a great job in creating characters that her readers will connect with and relate to, as well as a fantastic story line that is creative and unusual. The author’s ability to set a realistic scene, even in the paranormal setting, is second to none. I was pleased to see that this is the first book in a planned series, as I feel that there is much more to tell with these characters. I recommend this book to any young adult reader, but especially those who enjoy paranormal fiction. I look forward to more in the Annie McDoogan series, and hope that author Pat O’Connor is already hard at work on her next installment!


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