Online Test of Psychic Ability

Go to to test yourself. It’s mentioned in Entangled Minds.


How Authors Can Use Pinterest

I came across a great tweet that I wanted to share. Click on the link for tips on getting started on Pinterest.

Secret Visions Giveaway Update

Secret Visions Goodreads Giveaway generated 1051 entries into the drawing for a free author-signed copy of the book, and 419 people added it to their Goodreads to-read shelf. The contest ran for a month and 10 books were awarded. For some reason I can’t remember, I made the drawing open to people in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Australia. There were seven U.S. winners, two Australian and one Brit. That’s great, but it could have been very costly. Before you pick which countries are eligible to enter, check the postage for mailing the book to the winners. In the U.S., there is no book rate for foreign mail. The cheapest foreign rate is the “flat rate” for packages that are no thicker than 3/4″. My book just barely qualified for a fee of about $11.25 from Florida to Australia. If it had just a few more pages, I would have had to pay $22. My total charge for 10 books was about $60.00. It could have been much worse. Keep it in mind when you start a giveaway.

Power Surge Update

I’m making good progress writing Power Surge, the second novel in the Annie McDoogan YA series. The second draft is underway and on target for a Summer 2016 publication date. There’s still a lot of work to do.  The way I see it, a first draft is like a twisted, deformed skeleton. The second draft straightens out the bones and adds any missing pieces. The third draft adds the skin, and the fourth draft puts clothes on the body. The fifth draft adds hair, makeup and a shiny new cover and sends the book along its way.



Mystical Experiences Open a ‘Door of Perception’ in the Brain

This is the basis for my Annie McDoogan series of novels, and the reason why I wrote all three main characters with a history of a near-death experience. I do love my science.

Mystical experiences may occur when the brain’s inhibitory processes are suppressed, opening a “door of perception,” new research finds.

Source: Mystical Experiences Open a ‘Door of Perception’ in the Brain

Reiki Level 1 Completed

My next novel in the Annie McDoogan series, Power Surge, features Reiki healing. As part of my research, I completed the Transcendental Meditation course and have been enjoying private Reiki sessions and participating in group healing sessions. Yesterday, I completed a five-hour Reiki 1 class. What started as a research project has resulted in my being a happier person, which I hope will lead to inspired writing. Whether changes are due to TM, Reiki or a combination of both, is unknown. All I can say is this seems to be working. Catch the novel when it’s published this summer and maybe take the Reiki class and volunteer at a hospice or work at realigning your own energy.

One interesting thing happened at the end of my attunements. I was hit by 3-4 phantom water drops, one of which was under my sweater. Anybody ever have that happen to them?