Welcome to the website of Pat O’Connor, a South Florida Young Adult writer who likes to help others succeed and grow. My readers might enjoy learning about some of the background material I used as research material. If so, click on the Background Reading menu selection to view a list of resources. In addition, the blog entries will keep visitors updated on my latest posts. Feel free to click on the Contact Us menu item to reach me with any questions or suggestions.

I believe that it’s important for any author to market their product, but this is particularly true for self-published authors seeking to promote their first novel. There is so much competition for readers’ attention, how can you reach them? The links to the right might give you some ideas.

I have a competitive nature and made the choice to enter writing competitions. This may not be everyone’s path, but it suits my personality, and a win will help promote my books. It would be fun to be able to call myself an award winning author. My blog posts will keep visitors updated on my progress.

Another way of promoting yourself is by contacting professional reviewers who usually charge for their services and give your book exposure on their websites. They may also give the author the option to not have a poor review published. They cannot post on Amazon, however, and the individual reviewer may not be a member of Goodreads.

Finally, authors can contact bloggers who enjoy reviewing books and who may post on Amazon and Goodreads. See the blogger links on the right for extensive lists of possible blog reviewers. You can also join writing groups on LinkedIn and Goodreads and ask for reviews.

Most of the above review resources list their favorite genres and book formats. Most will accept an uploaded or emailed .mobi or .pdf file.

Good luck on your writing and come back often for updates.