When One Bully Stick Just Isn’t Enough

This is Lady, who is introduced in the first chapter of the second novel in the Annie McDoogan series. She’ll be Ming’s pet and they’ll wear color coordinated outfits. Working hard to finish my second novel.

Oh, Happy Day

It has been a while since I posted anything, but today is a breakthrough day that I felt like sharing (and yelling from a mountaintop.) I have an ending for my book! Hooray! The second novel in the Annie McDoogan series might just get published this year. It’s a great day!



Benefit of Distractions

Having a new puppy is great but full of distractions that keep me from writing. It turns out thats a good thing. It gives my characters time to let me know what they want. In particular, my primary antagonist from book 1, Secret Visions, is demanding the right to return. I thought I was done with Father Sullivan, but it looks like he’ll be back causing trouble in book 2. Stay tuned.


Annie McDoogan Series

This is an alert for those of you who are waiting for an exciting new series of Young Adult novels. The Annie McDoogan stories focus on a young physics student who wants to apply innate powers of the brain to make the world a better place. Annie believes that extrasensory perception abilities are a natural part of everyone, and she sets about to prove it. As a result, her life is frequently in danger from skeptics who want to suppress her efforts.

I have just finished writing the first book, Annie McDoogan: Secret Visions. The title character is a lonely 15-year-old who fights a shark and drowns in the process. As she ascends toward the light, her recently murdered father appears to her and tells her to go back and make the world a better place. Annie recovers and decides to try and make the world a safer place by using telepathy. She teams up with two other high school sophomores, Ming Chang and Emir Polat, and they quickly bond as they face ridicule, opposition and violence from individuals who believe that they are practicing mind control. The action never stops as the trio are threatened, attacked and firebombed. Will they fail in their quest or receive support from a most unexpected source?

This is a fast-paced enjoyable book for readers age 13-113.  I will post the publication date when I have it.