Writer’s Reward

The best thing about writing fiction is having your characters come alive in your dreams. There’s nothing else like it, except maybe seeing them walking around on a stage or screen. Perhaps some day, I’ll be able to blog about how that feels.


Trump is my Muse

The theme for Secret Visions, my first novel in the Annie McDoogan series, was inspired by the ISIS beheadings. Since then, I’ve been struggling to find a unifying thread for my second book, Mystic Healing. Well, all that changed with the presidential election. After writing and rewriting for more than a year and trashing one  version after another, the book is now darker and more political than I had planned, but the words are flowing, and I should have this self-published in the summer. Hooray! I’m so happy. 🙂


Photos to Spark the Imagination

mystical contemplation

I came across a website that compiles fascinating photographs consisting primarily of landscape shots. Many of these appear alien (although they aren’t), and I think it could be a great source of inspiration for fantasy and science fiction writers. http://35zen.com/ and follow on twitter at @ImageneLive to see new photos as they are added.