Fire in my Soul

I recently came across some advice to novelists suggesting that writing when you’re angry produces the best results. So, thank you Donald Trump. I’m angry and inspired.

I wrote my first novel, Secret Visions, in response to the ISIS beheadings. The theme of that story is peace through telepathy. The second book in the series centers on energy healing, but I’ve been struggling to define the conflict. Enter Donald Trump.

One of the main series characters is an heroic 16-year-old boy named Emir, an American Muslim with a family lineage of Sufism, the mystical side of Islam. Unfortunately,  he experiences a dreadful incident while practicing energy healing. Thanks to Trump stirring up hate and paranoia, a Muslim backlash threatens him, his family and everyone he loves.

I think my struggle is over, but all my future novels are going to have a political spin until this country regains it’s sanity, and I find another cause to light my fires.

Watch for upcoming novels in the Annie McDoogan series. It’s categorized as a Young Adult series because the main characters are teens, but these are stories that are suitable for everyone from 13 – 130.


Moving Forward

The election is over. My girl didn’t win, but the awful tension I’ve felt for the past few months is gone (at least until January.) I’m willing to give him a chance. The one thing he dreads more than anything else is being seen as a loser, so that may help him take a moderate approach to governing. If not, I’ll deal with it when the time comes. I’m already considering becoming an expat where cost of living is lower than South Florida, so I can write without worrying too much about money. We’ll see. Maybe my books will be turned into blockbuster movies, and I can be financially secure and free of that worry.

But first, I have to write the rest of the Annie McDoogan series. The second book has my kids learning energy healing and running into opposition as they spread the word. The first 25% is solid, but I haven’t yet settled on a complete story arc. But, at least now, I should be able to focus, sit on the beach, and let the inspiration flow.

Reiki Level 1 Completed

My next novel in the Annie McDoogan series, Power Surge, features Reiki healing. As part of my research, I completed the Transcendental Meditation course and have been enjoying private Reiki sessions and participating in group healing sessions. Yesterday, I completed a five-hour Reiki 1 class. What started as a research project has resulted in my being a happier person, which I hope will lead to inspired writing. Whether changes are due to TM, Reiki or a combination of both, is unknown. All I can say is this seems to be working. Catch the novel when it’s published this summer and maybe take the Reiki class and volunteer at a hospice or work at realigning your own energy.

One interesting thing happened at the end of my attunements. I was hit by 3-4 phantom water drops, one of which was under my sweater. Anybody ever have that happen to them?