Trump is my Muse

The theme for Secret Visions, my first novel in the Annie McDoogan series, was inspired by the ISIS beheadings. Since then, I’ve been struggling to find a unifying thread for my second book, Mystic Healing. Well, all that changed with the presidential election. After writing and rewriting for more than a year and trashing one  version after another, the book is now darker and more political than I had planned, but the words are flowing, and I should have this self-published in the summer. Hooray! I’m so happy. 🙂


Fire in my Soul

I recently came across some advice to novelists suggesting that writing when you’re angry produces the best results. So, thank you Donald Trump. I’m angry and inspired.

I wrote my first novel, Secret Visions, in response to the ISIS beheadings. The theme of that story is peace through telepathy. The second book in the series centers on energy healing, but I’ve been struggling to define the conflict. Enter Donald Trump.

One of the main series characters is an heroic 16-year-old boy named Emir, an American Muslim with a family lineage of Sufism, the mystical side of Islam. Unfortunately,  he experiences a dreadful incident while practicing energy healing. Thanks to Trump stirring up hate and paranoia, a Muslim backlash threatens him, his family and everyone he loves.

I think my struggle is over, but all my future novels are going to have a political spin until this country regains it’s sanity, and I find another cause to light my fires.

Watch for upcoming novels in the Annie McDoogan series. It’s categorized as a Young Adult series because the main characters are teens, but these are stories that are suitable for everyone from 13 – 130.


Oh, Happy Day

It has been a while since I posted anything, but today is a breakthrough day that I felt like sharing (and yelling from a mountaintop.) I have an ending for my book! Hooray! The second novel in the Annie McDoogan series might just get published this year. It’s a great day!



Benefit of Distractions

Having a new puppy is great but full of distractions that keep me from writing. It turns out thats a good thing. It gives my characters time to let me know what they want. In particular, my primary antagonist from book 1, Secret Visions, is demanding the right to return. I thought I was done with Father Sullivan, but it looks like he’ll be back causing trouble in book 2. Stay tuned.


KOBO Publishing

I have tweeted a couple of times about KOBO, an international eBook self-publishing platform. I finally decided to try it and just submitted my novel, Secret Visions, for review. It should be live tomorrow. I will let my readers know if it generates any sales. My characters are Catholic, Buddhist and Muslim teens who come together to try and bring peace through telepathy, and I hope I can reach  a global community of readers with the message. Stay tuned for updates.

Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest

I know that I said that I had finished entering writing contests, but I came across one yesterday that I couldn’t resist. The Readers’ Favorite contest has a lot of genres and relatively low entry fees. In addition, the organization agrees to sell the winners and finalists books in their booth at the Miami International Book Fair in November and there is an awards ceremony in Miami. Since I live near Miami and I’ve been meaning to go to the book fair, this seems like a good  contest for me to enter. Early Bird deadline – April 1 ($89), Regular Deadline – May 1 ($99), Final Deadline – June 1 ($109).

I entered Secret Visions in the Young Adult – Paranormal genre. I hope to see you at the awards ceremony.